PONG! Multiplayer server offline

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Since I moved to Windows Vista the PONG multiplayer server application I wrote does not run so stable anymore. So after trying to cope with it and trying to keep it online for over a week now, I have decided to take it down. But. Not to worry, it will… Read more »

Kongregate Sidebar Update 1.4

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I have just released version 1.4 of the Kongregate sidebar. The Kongregate sidebar is an extension that provides easy access to all the badged and favorite games on the casual gaming website Kongregate.com.

Kongregate Sidebar

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I never knew you could actually get addicted to playing casual games online until I ran into Kongregate.Kongregate is a casual gaming platform with an awesome working concept of you being able to score points and cards by playing flash games. For a selected set of games goals are set,… Read more »

Quick Locale Switcher

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Sorry to all Japanese users of my Quick Locale Switcher extension. In the previous version 1.6.7 I accidentally included an incomplete Japanese localization which caused problems when you switched to ja-JP. For now I have removed the Japanese localization from the extension, becaue the current translator unfortunately could not continue… Read more »

Quick Locale Switcher 1.6.5

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It is sometimes quite scary to release a new version you have been working on for quite some time, but I had to do it some day, so here it is. The main goal for this update was to make the Quick Locale Switcher a bit more user friendly. Since… Read more »

Fancy a free picture quiz mate?

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Then you just have got to check out the brand new picture quiz website by my mate LX. About 6 months ago I already informed you all about the collection of 73 picture quizzes on his personal website, but take a look again, he and his crazy mate Jzt currently… Read more »

Quick Locale Switcher

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I have just released a small compatibility update of my Quick Locale Switcher extension. Aside from testing it with the latest versions of Sunbird, Flock and Netscape, I have also created a brand new settings window to support the Mozilla applicaitons based on “older” gecko engines (like SeaMonkey) since they… Read more »

Web Search Pro 2.7.3 released

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Finally got the time to finish up the latest release of my favorite web searching extension: Web Search Pro 2.7.3. Disappointing as this might be for some (most) of you, this is not yet the next major release containing new cool features, it's just a collection of small things and… Read more »

Grocery List Generator Website

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I just fixed a small big problem on the Grocery List Generator website. By accident all published recipes where hidden from view until I approved them, while I intended the system to work the other way around, show it all until someone requests me to deny a recipe from the… Read more »

Quit Smoking

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Last Monday my girlfriend and I quit smoking again, and that is also the reason why you all have not seen a lot of me online these past few days. I say again because I already quit smoking 2 years ago, but then I gave up the minute we started… Read more »